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Measuring Tobacco Dependence: The Adolescents’ Need to Smoke Scale

The Adolescents’ Need to Smoke Scale (ANSS, previously called the Dimensions of Tobacco Dependence Scale) is a multidimensional measure of tobacco dependence that was initially developed to investigate how the experience of tobacco dependence emerges in adolescents. Building on a series of qualitative investigations of adolescent smokers’ perceived need to smoke and quantitative applications of psychometric methods, its items tap the social, emotional, physical, and sensory aspects of tobacco use. The resulting dependence profile enables researchers to examine how tobacco dependence is experienced by smokers throughout their smoking careers.

Authors of the ANSS:

Joy L. Johnson (University of British Columbia)
Pamela A. Ratner (University of British Columbia)
Rochelle S. Tucker (Simon Fraser University)
Joan L. Bottorff (University of British Columbia)
Kenneth M. Prkachin (University of Northern British Columbia)
Bruno D. Zumbo (University of British Columbia)
Jean A. Shoveller (University of British Columbia)
Chris G. Richardson (University of British Columbia)


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